Technical Specifications


The nylon rod used for steering and suspension seats 15 zytel 42A (nylon 66) up to 60 ø and nouvam ID 1030 (nylon 6) above. These grades of nylon have a molybdenum disulphide additive for better lubrication. All our nylon stocks are sourced from local suppliers. The sizes range from 25mm ø to 90mm ø in 5mm ø increments.


The steel used for ball studs and steel seats is EN36A. Comsteel En36A is a 3.2% nickel – chromium case hardening steel suitable for highly stressed gears on trucks or buses and heavily loaded shafts. It may also be used as an engineering alloy steel and the mechanical properties set out below can be expected after oil quenching and tempering.

Related Specifications

Comsteel En36A is a regular grade which may also be supplied to the following standard specification:
BS 970: 1955, En36A.
BS 970: 1971, 655<13 and 655H13.

Mechanical Properties

The following properties are typical of those obtainable on 30mm dia. Bars after carburising at 900 degrees celcius and refining of the core and case at 830 degrees celcius and 780 degrees celcius respectively.

Ultimate Tensile Strength (Mpa)

Elongation (5.65 vA) %

Izod Impace Test (J)

Carbon 0.12%, Maganese 0.5%, Nickel 3.2%, Chromium 0.9%