Frequently Asked Questions

What size jobs can you do?

We do from small vintage car tie rod ends up to large steering joints for earthmoving equipment and all vehicles inbetween.

I am putting disc brakes on to my old car, what can you do with the tie rod ends?

We regularly change the tapers on outer tie rod ends to suit the taper in the new style disc hub.

What forms of payments do you accept?

Cash, cheque and bank transfer.

Do you have tie rod and suspension boots?

We make a full range of sizes to suit most vehicles. All joints repaired by us leave with a new boot ready to be refitted to the vehicle.

Can you fix rack joints?

Some of the early English rack joints can be repaired but not the later sealed style joints. We do make new rack joints to sample. We can also alter the length of the arm if other alterations to the steering are being made.