HBI Engineering was started by Harry Clegg in a small workshop at the back of his house. It has now grown into a business using the latest in computerised machining technology.

Up until May 1991 we were authorised to remanufacture steering joints on cars, trucks and some taxis and buses. In August 1990 we applied to the Controller of Vehicle Standards at the New Zealand Land Transport Safety Authority for an authorisation to perform this work on all vehicles including passenger service vehicles.


On May 6th 1991, we were granted this authorisation subject to two conditions;
1. That each remanufactured joint be identified with the HBI logo stamped on the thread end.
2. Each joint to be supplied with a certificate detailing work done etc.

HBI Engineering moved to its current site in 1988 and in August of 2000 a new building was built at the same address.

In March of 1989 we purchased our first CNC Lathe, a Mori Seiki SL2. This helped the company to speed up the production of components and ensure that strict tolerances were adhered to.

In December of 1996 we took delivery of a new Okuma LCS-23 CNC Lathe. This machine was purchased as part of our drive to stay up with the latest in engineering technology.

The move towards CNC production has meant that as each component is manufactured, the programme can be stored for future use. Since March 1989 we have generated over 3000 programmes.

With the continued introduction of new models of all types of motor vehicles, CNC production ensures we are able to keep up with the ever changing market.